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Thought I'd toss in a pic of my $45 eBay TD150 that I tweaked out. It was in pretty nasty shape when I got it. Here are the various mods & tweaks I performed on this table:

1) Ripped off original TP-13 arm. Threw it away.

2) Removed scratched up cosmetic chrome motorboard cover. Tossed it.

3) Removed speed changing fork & mechanism.

4) Replaced speed changer with standard illuminated toggle switch. (Speed changed by changing belt position on pulley)

5) Filled armrest hole in armboard & refinished.

6) Replaced arm with Linn Basik LVX. (The original armboard may be used for the Linn, since the original arm hole fits inside the template cutout for the Linn.)

7) Took entire turntable apart, cleaned suspension pieces, tossed out foam spring inserts, cleaned and re-lubed bearing.

8) Repainted subchassis

9) Replaced belt

10) Adjusted motor alignment

11) Tossed out original cardboard bottom cover. Replaced with 3/4" thick plywood, painted black with polyurethane clearcoat.

12) Replaced original platter mat with very thick rubber mat from a non-working Denon DP-47F.

13) Replaced feet with isolation feet from same non-working Denon.

14) Plinth, subchassis, and underside of motorboard damped with bitumenous sheets and cork.

15) Internal plinth joints damped with silicone.

16) Brush-finished the bare steel motorboard top with steel wool, buffed with car buffer to shine.

17) Tuned suspension.

18) Did final arm tuning, mounted new Ortofon OM20 Super MM cartridge.

19) Cracked open a Guinness & enjoyed the fruits of my labor.

After tweaking & modding this one, it has become my all-time best table. Sound is tight & clean with wide soundstage & great separation. Very nice results for a total cost of under $250.00. And it was a lot of fun! My next planned mod will be mounting it in a new massive solid wood plinth. That should improve things even further.

Many thanks to Haden Boardman, whose great article on TD150 tweaks as well as his personal input was the inspiration for starting this project.

Once again, kudos on your terrific Thorens site!

Spinning the stax o' wax,

Bobbo the Soundnut :-)