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Swiss Precision: 3rd Edition is now available


Joachim Bung: Swiss Precision

The New 2019 Comprehensive Edition

Two Volumes in Slipcase

"Since the publication of Swiss Precision in 2008 which was welcomed by many collectors and hifi aficionados, Joachim Bung, the author of this important book, has been working nearly ten years to research, write and finally publish the most comprehensive books ever written about the playback equipment of the golden era of the analogue LP record.

His books are the world’s most extensively illustrated volumes, and are available now in a brand new third edition consisting of two heavy volumes in a sturdy slipcase."

Quote: Rudolf Bruil



review: http://v2.stereotimes.com/post/swiss-precision--the-story-of-the-thorens-td-124-and-other-classic-turntables/


Disclaimer note: This site recommends this book based on the experience I have with the previous 2nd edition of the book which was produced in the English Language.  I purchased the 2nd edition at full retail and do not receive any compensation for showing this, his 3rd edition (and German Language version)  to a very useful and enjoyable work.