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The Beatles, The Beatles (aka The White Album)

Catalog Number: SWBO-101,  A US Apple/Capitol pressing of The White Album.  Original owner, aka webmaster.

The story behind this particular copy goes like this:

I purchased this album in early December of 1968.... within the first week of the announcement of the album. I was a Jr. in High School at the time. As pictured, this one is No.  A  0553635.  I didn't find out until later that only the first run copies were serial numbered.  Even so, Beatles albums typically sold in the tens of millions.  By the time I had purchased this copy, I can be sure that millions had been produced.

DSC_5501.jpg (111704 bytes)

DSC_5503.jpg (196107 bytes) matrix numbers: hand written, side 1, SWBO-1-101 - J40, side 2, SWBO-2-101-J40

DSC_5504.jpg (204278 bytes)matrix numbers: hand written, side 3, SWBO-3-101-J41, Side 4, SWBO-4-101-J41

Poster and portrait photos of the individual Beatles are missing, long ago destroyed.  As I remember, I had the poster pinned to the wall of my  bedrooms/dorm rooms. These must have been ultimately torn/destroyed.

At around 1975 I noticed that the 2 Lps had some minor marks and small indications of use. Prior to this, I had been playing my records, including this one, on a BSR changer equipped with a Shure M31E mm cartridge.  At around 1975 I was pulling down decent wages and purchased a new Thorens TD160C manual turntable.  Pride and joy...! Then I took stock of my record collection and, apparently, I felt it was necessary to replace this numbered copy of The White Album with a fresh UK copy.  I then presented this early US copy to my younger brother, who carried it with him from that time until early 2010, when he shipped his entire record collection to me.

Now that the album is back home I have been able to evaluate its condition.  The outer jacket has suffered. However the vinyl is pretty much as I left it.  Scuffs here and there.   After a thorough Disc Doctor cleaning I gave the album a spin.  It plays through without a skip.  Only soft noise here and there.  For playback quality I'd rate it a solid VG+.  No heavy scratches or loud pops. 

The label has suffered, however.  I tended to put my name on my possessions back in those early years of my life.  In fact I was propelled to do so by my parents and various instructors/teachers.  Label it or lose it was the general message.  So I had a small paper label with my initials Scotch-taped to each label side.  On the front outer jacket too.!  Alas.  Lighter fluid did cleanly lift the tape from all of these surfaces.  However, the adhesive has left a permanent stain.  I'll leave them like that.  The Lps play just fine. 

Here is a link to a Beatles labelography page with information on the numbering systems employed to serialize the first run pressings of The White Album:

Across The Universe: http://heroinc.fortunecity.com/btls/caplps.htm  (link is obsolete...see added link below to the last saved version of the site on the "Wayback Machine"



The page also details errors and variations on the labels....and some variations on the banding of the grooved areas..!

According to Frank, at Across The Universe, (above link) the original production run of The White Album began in November of 1968 and ran until 1973 when a second issue was ordered.  Numbered copies in the United States continued from 1968 until 1970.