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This page is an image gallery of "Audio Playback Systems" from around the world. They share at least one common feature, they all play vinyl.

System building notes:

The systems featured in this gallery can be regarded as a personal endeavor by the system owner. For many it is an exercise where the owner becomes chief designer of his/her own system.  Some times it can be a simple exercise of choosing among many new and  or used signal chain components to be combined into a harmonious assembly to contribute to a whole which, (if done well, and sometimes with a bit of serendipity),  sounds greater than the sum of its individual parts and pieces.  

Others  take opportunity to incorporate their DIY skills into the process by building some part or parts of the audio system themselves. These projects can range from the construction of equipment stands, turntable plinth building, fabrication of room treatment accessories, assembling own interconnects and speaker cables, designing and building one's own turntable, assembling amplifiers and preamplifiers from a kit, or designing and building ones own, etc. 

The room itself is often times considered to be the primary and most important component within a system.  The acoustic properties of a room will define what is possible in terms of sound quality of a given assembly of components.  For some this may mean the purchase of property with the construction of a cost-no-object ideal listening room in mind.  Meanwhile the rest of us will make do with the rooms we currently live in and attempt to optimize a compromise between the necessities of life versus what can be done to improve the listening venue.  Any of the above can be found within the gallery here.

If you would like your system photos to be featured on this page please see the image upload faq page.

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IMG_0019.JPG (68274 bytes) AKA   Abe

JAsys_1.jpg (170287 bytes) Jon Agner

Anfan03.jpg (77645 bytes) AKA_Analogfan

side panel + speaker.JPG (48749 bytes)Tim Bailey, AKA The Skyptical Mensurer and Audio Scrounger 

TB_sys6.jpg (105421 bytes) AKA_Tom B

wbside2_05.jpg (126305 bytes) AKA Wes Bender

reDSCF1783.JPG (91700 bytes) AKA Byrdparis

SB_ikda_1.jpg (94101 bytes) AKA "TWOGOODEARS"

TncsSLM3_1.jpg (67726 bytes)AKA Biff

360clone.jpg (43274 bytes) AKA Mehmet B

AKA Bruno

Rack_1.jpg (54612 bytes) AKA Bushman

AByrom_3.jpg (63364 bytes) AKA Alec Byrom

Cman_sys_1.jpg (100199 bytes) AKA_Carbonman

RC1.jpg (63220 bytes) AKA Richard C.

triplanar_1.jpg (114703 bytes) AKA Tom C.

AKA 2channelman

ptc sys_002.JPG (166173 bytes)AKA PTC

RscoMkV_1w.jpg (101544 bytes) AKA_Dean Man Jim

vpi11.jpg (181122 bytes) AKA Gene C.

klang_d.jpg (59133 bytes) AKA Linsenbach_D

101_0180web.jpg (56679 bytes) AKA JD

RH_sys_1.jpg (379830 bytes) AKA RH

klaar3.JPG (77616 bytes) AKA JJ

MJ_diyclamp2.jpg (56327 bytes) AKA Marcel J 

BK301_321_1.jpg (90323 bytes)AKA_BKearns

FT006a.JPG (153778 bytes) AKA_Korton

ADN_4.jpg (54639 bytes) AKA Mike L

AKA_C_Miller (do you like carbon fiber...?)

ACna_5.jpg (83700 bytes) AKA Andrew Naylor 

patng_1.jpg (90246 bytes) AKA_Patrick_Ng

GARRARD.JPG (47615 bytes)AKA_J_Noble 

sme1_2.jpg (46927 bytes)  AKA Werner O.


HPIM0448.JPG (125914 bytes)  AKA OZZY

syson.JPG (62468 bytes) AKA Peter_R

SaintSys.jpg (38431 bytes) AKA_HHSCOTTFAN


8a66.jpg (42288 bytes) AKA Mike S.

jts1767.JPG (93159 bytes) AKA JTsnead

horn_1.jpg (61783 bytes) AKA that guy in France, Gilles M.

Anlage.JPG (111772 bytes) AKA Jochen Straceny 

turn.jpg (81513 bytes) AKA Thorsten Loesch

AS_AR1.JPG (61831 bytes)AKA Tony

orsonic101a.jpg (55260 bytes) AKA Holger T.

dblacylflexy.jpg (109733 bytes) AKA Tropoboro

  AKA user510  

uwe emt tsd_4rs.jpg (98703 bytes) AKA Uwe


WT_3.jpg (67100 bytes) AKA_YOYO

All photos supplied by system owners, except as noted....