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Terry Alford's Thorens TD125 (custom long base)

Terry Alford's Thorens TD124 mkII

Terry Alford's Thorens TD160

The TD125, July, 2016

td125-1_edits.jpg (237284 bytes) td125-10edits.jpg (175181 bytes) td125-11_edits.jpg (166051 bytes) td125-9_edits.jpg (172407 bytes) td125-8_edits.jpg (185814 bytes)

Terry's comments: "I put the finishing touches on my custom long base TD125 today. I picked it up in 2014 but it has thus far only played a couple of test cuts in the office. Today I'll move it into the main system and give it a proper audition.

Cleaned, polished and lubed. Electronics have been tuned. Platter bearing (thrust ball ed.) replaced with ceramic bearing. Custom extended cherry base. Brazilian cherry skirt and arm board. Black Jelco 750L has been installed to match black suspension plate custom painted by my car painting buddy. This is the most elegant table I've had the pleasure of restoring."


The TD124 mkII

April, 2016

TA_td124-1_rs.jpg (289314 bytes) TA_td124-2_rs.jpg (274913 bytes) TA_td124-4_rs.jpg (206971 bytes)

Cherry Plinth by Terry.
Jelco SA-750
Armboard: Jatoba, by Terry.


The TD160

td160-1.jpg (133326 bytes)

April, 2014

In a custom Cherry plinth.

Terry's comments:

"I found this TD 160 in a garage sharing a box with with mice. It had some issues. Not being familiar with the table it took me a bit of time to determine whether I could successfully restore it to functionality. Once I found myself confident I could get there I started on the custom plinth made from scraps of cherry I had left over from a previous project. The table has since displaced the Rega P3-24 that was in my main listening room and is playing beautifully."