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Cork works well as a platter mat material.  The Spotmats use it as also does Ringmat Development's "Ringmat" and many others.  Chadwick Modifications offered their "Corktone" mat. 

Two stacked layers of .06 inch thick neoprene blended cork are used.  This type of cork is also used as an automotive gasket-making material and is commonly available in various auto parts stores.  This cork comes in a roll and must be ironed flat before cutting to shape.  The top layer is cut to relieve around the record label thus affording flatter contact between the record's vinyl and the cork.  The two layers of cork sheet are bonded with neoprene contact cement and pressed together  between two heavy plates of tempered glass while the adhesive cures.  One hour seems to be adequate cure time in my room.

I couldn't resist decorating the relief area with a graphic.  This one loosely apes the Atlantic record label from the sixties.  Perhaps I should credit Muddy Waters for the inspiration that led to the song title. (Rock Me Baby)

I'm getting a very lively (alive) sound off this mat. Very silent background.  There is solid low frequency authority. The highs are coming through with sparkle.  Mids have presence.  In fact the sound is good enough off this mat to make me want to rethink what I've learned making mats so far. This is a good way to go.