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The TD124 Dept.



Now there are Four Hoods by Ferruccio in Switzerland.

The Hood -- An Acrylic Dustcover for the TD124 available now.  Link to info page

Swiss Precision: 3rd Edition is now available ( Link to more info )

End Ads

Above:Annotated Section View Detail of the TD124 Platter and Bearing System

Notes on the TD 124 a practical guide/overview

For the hobbyist looking for how-to and where-is explicit detail to properly refurbish their TD124, I can offer that parts of the puzzle can be found within the project pages listed below.  Within those are lots and lots of photos to document each process.  And also the "Notes....practical guide" just above will offer a text only overview. Put the two together.  As yet I have not published a comprehensive all-in-one illustrated guide book.  Perhaps in time I will.  I write/document this stuff as I acquire more experience.

DSC_5374.jpg (173119 bytes) Motor maintenance procedural step by step with photo documentation

E50 sn25356 An E50 maintenance documentary

Individual Refurbishment Project documentation

project sn 59805


project sn 33389

DSC_2769.jpg (249770 bytes) project sn 64950


project sn 27520  DSC_2618.jpg (268190 bytes)bringing back to life a long neglected td124

  project sn57175 DSC_2301.jpg (419322 bytes) Assembling a completely disassembled TD124


DSC_0512.jpg (188000 bytes) project sn13943  This project will deviate from the sacred path a little.  


project 2078

project 2128  

project 2729  

project 7888

rotor02.jpg (69944 bytes) A TD124 in disassembly Courtesy of Eric Breckpot (Belgium)


Do you need parts and/or service for your TD124?  Here are some online links:


http://www.audiosilente.com/  Located in Rome, Italy, site owner, designer, machinist Simone Lucchetti maintains a stock of useful and necessary replacement parts for the Thorens TD124 and also the belt drive models.  Worth a look and well worth making contact with Simone.!  

https://www.hanzehifi.nl/merken-bezigheden/thorens-garrard/thorens  (located in The Netherlands.)  Many parts you might want to use on your TD124 or other belt drive Thorens model.

note: This site is not affiliated with the above linked sites in any way, other than that I do recommend them for service and parts.

Equipment reviews (written here) specific to the Thorens TD124:

 Review Article: Woodsong Audio TD124 Platter Mat Adapter

Review Article: The Hood; a dust cover for the Thorens TD124,121,134,135 models

 Review Article: Audiosilente idler wheel: 

misc TD124

DSC_2702.jpg (154997 bytes) Left: an original TD124 strobe bulb in working condition. 

VizWP27A.jpg (267968 bytes) Viz Isotap WP-27A (mains isolation with adjustable AC output.)

The ESL tonearm  a frequent choice made by new TD124 owners in the North American market.

inca_3.JPG (143578 bytes)Non magnetic platter for the TD124

DSC_0551.jpg (245280 bytes) Checking the iron platter for magnetic attraction to various cartridges



td124logo length.jpg (372486 bytes) td124 drive belts



Plinth design and variations on a vintage theme

open box designs

Most of the open box designs in use originate from the period in time when this deck was available new at your local audio dealer.  Typically soft rubber "mushrooms" were used to isolate the TD124 chassis from surface borne vibrations coming up from the fixtures the TD124 might be standing upon.

Ortofon ST-104 st_104rs.jpg (57544 bytes) from back when the TD124 was still being sold in its first iteration. Considered collectible today.

124 glow 2b_CP_edits.jpg (552559 bytes) hint: click on thumbnail to view image full size.

Above (edited) photo: from Tonni in Denmark, a classic combo; TD124 situated on an Ortofon ST-104 plinth with Ortofon AS-212 tonearm mounted.

Thorens plinths taken from the Elpa product bruchure (circa early 1960's)

Thorens_SW series_rs.jpg (268368 bytes) The SW series

the prelude_rs.jpg (178585 bytes) The Prelude

the rhapsody_rs.jpg (141095 bytes) The Rhapsody

TD224 masterpiece.jpg (307835 bytes) The TD-224 Masterpiece

high mass designs

Typically these are done by individuals not associated with Thorens.   High mass designs are often a mixed layer-by-layer build-up known as constrained layer damping. They feature less open space within the underside. Baltic Birch multi-ply is commonly used.  

In recent years solid slate has been popular.  However the slate plinths are usually done with few layers (no more than 2) and made from much thicker and heavier chunks of it.  

Common Plinth materials:

Miscellaneous woods such as plywood, hard wood, various wood products such as particle board or MDF, Corian, acrylics, slate, carbon fiber, soap stone.

It should be noted that no hard science has been documented as to which method might produce a superior result.  

Technical drawings

TD124 voltage map.jpg (589411 bytes)TD 124 motor Voltage Map (E50) (large jpeg image file)

TD124 voltage map web size.jpg (155779 bytes) TD124 motor Voltage Map (E50) (smaller jpeg image file)

TD124platterbrgsection_9.jpg (288627 bytes) TD124 Platter and Bearing System section view drawing (iron platter)

hint: above 3 images,  click on thumbnail to view image full size.

BTD12S03.jpg (67348 bytes) BTD12S  tonearm. A design that inspired the EMT 929 tonearm.


Manuals and service bulletins:

TD124  Owners Manual in English

TD124 Service Manual in English Thanks to JaS at The Vinyl Engine for this upload.

TP14 tonearm as fitted to the TD124 mkII

Pabst_01.jpg (122605 bytes) Papst Service Bulletins Pabst_02.jpg (173025 bytes)

About the Papst motor.......

Installing and listening to the Papst motor in the TD124

links to useful TD124 sites on the web

http://www.analogue-classics.com/  Holger's extensive collection of Thorens turntables

http://www.soundfountain.com/amb/td124page.html an informative and very useful page for the TD124 and TD224 

tdw224_1.jpg (56459 bytes) The TDW224.  A derivative of the TD124 and 135.  The TDW224 provides full automatic changer functions without suffering the errors of constantly changing vta.


Swiss Precision: 3rd Edition is now available


Joachim Bung: Swiss Precision

The New 2019 Comprehensive Edition

Two Volumes in Slipcase

Link to info page and how to buy

nameplate.jpg (83115 bytes) comments to: [email protected]


odds n ends dept

hgthorens.jpg (114449 bytes)