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General info page for the Thorens TD125 and TD126 models.

125bro_1.jpg (149648 bytes) 125bro_2.jpg (173619 bytes) 125bro_3.jpg (135226 bytes)TD 125 sales brochure. Courtesy of Loron Knowlen

Thorens parts and pieces for sale

thorens 1.jpg (250077 bytes) thorens 2.jpg (188394 bytes) thorens 3.jpg (252681 bytes)  thorens 6.jpg (158606 bytes) Another TD125 sales brochure.  Courtesy of Loron Knowlen

thorens 4.jpg (221564 bytes) thorens 5.jpg (229927 bytes) Sales brochure, combination TD125 and TD150 mk2 Courtesy of Loron Knowlen.

Ron Will's TD125 in pieces and then back together again.

Top Plate bottom view.jpg (10444 bytes)TD125 MK I, Description

An inside-the-box photo essay by Bushman.

Site owner gets a Thorens TD126 mkIII  Let's look it over.

RK13.jpg (82677 bytes) Tweaking the TD125-126 ala Rolf Kelch

If you've got the entire parts inventory of the old Thorens production facility at Lahr, Germany. Wouldn't you want to start tweaking some vintage tables....?

TD125mk2board_sm.jpg (108594 bytes)Thorens TD125 MK II circuit board photos and parts list

Sg_apart.jpg (41988 bytes)Suspension Tuning

User manual: TD125MKII in PDF format  file size: 2.18mb.  Go ahead and download it to your hard drive...!

A link to RonWill's TD126 page.  More inside the box shots with a tonearm alignment session using two different protractors.