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TD150 Dept.

This page is dedicated to the Thorens TD150 turntable.




Above: R7.1  new project based on TD150 mechanicals (project page link)

Manuals and Assembly Drawings:

Thorens TD 150 MK I AB User Manual, html

frontcoverweb.jpg (105560 bytes) Thorens TD 150 MK II User Manual, html

150_06dwg.jpg (195924 bytes) TD150 Factory Assembly drawing with parts lists

td150cabtemplate.jpg (214999 bytes) TD150mkII interior cabinet dimensions courtesy of Sergey Didkovsky


Looking inside the box photo pages:

JSTD150_05.jpg (45724 bytes) Detail photos of a TP13A and TD150 MK II

t4web.jpg (77692 bytes) Looking inside the TD150 MK II.


Restoration and upgrade projects:

R7.1_view1edits.jpg (125312 bytes) R7.1 Some evolution gets added into the mix


DSC_2774.jpg (270932 bytes) 79209 another TD150 restored and transformed..... (R7 mods) this time for me

DSC_4502.JPG (100621 bytes) 34259, a TD150 restored and transformed (R7 mods)

Tweaking a TD150 MKII


Maintenance Info:

Sg_apart.jpg (41988 bytes)Suspension Tuning by Tim Bailey


What NOT to do department:

tp60tp13_1.JPG (17992 bytes) Here's a NO-NO



DSC_4707.JPG (139636 bytes) TD150 armboards