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Fresh from the drawing board.  This is subchassis frame R2. 


aluminum - PVC- aluminum sandwich laminated with polyurethane adhesive
standard bearing housing from a TD160 makes a slip fit into the board and is held securely by polyurethane adhesive.
Ballast weights and reinforcement parts are grade LE phenolic

The lower phenolic disk with the circular hole pattern will hold counter weights to even out the weight distribution between the three springs and to provide a lower center of gravity.

R2brgtop.jpg (54898 bytes) closeup view of the top phenolic layer surrounding the bearing.  The purpose is to provide additional stiffness to the main board in the immediate bearing area and also to provide some damping.

R2side.jpg (59550 bytes) A side view close up of the laminated aluminum PVC sandwich.  This board does not ring...!

R2side_2.jpg (70681 bytes) A long side view.

R2under.jpg (57161 bytes) Under view.

R2upsddwn.jpg (58795 bytes) Upside down view.


Looking at weight distribution with arm and armboard mounted

9 oz


1 lb. 8 -1/2 oz


2 lbs. 3 - 1/2 oz

With Arm, armboard, platters and mat installed

R2_wt1a.jpg (52960 bytes) 4 lbs 1oz

R2_wt2a.jpg (49814 bytes) 3 lbs. 2 oz

R2_wt3a.jpg (65870 bytes) 4 lbs 11 oz