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Note:  This manual contains 10 blank pages which were not scanned for obvious reasons.

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FrontCover.jpg (59745 bytes) Front Cover

TOC.jpg (17852 bytes) Table of Contents

Intro.jpg (30968 bytes) Introduction/Forward

3.jpg (146764 bytes) Figure 1

4.jpg (51245 bytes) Unpacking

5.jpg (36692 bytes) More  Unpacking

6.jpg (35776 bytes) Important Notice

7.jpg (73602 bytes) Figure 2

8.jpg (45290 bytes) Operation

9.jpg (16734 bytes) Figure 3a

10.jpg (38085 bytes) Tonearm and Pickup

11.jpg (65735 bytes) Figure 3b

12.jpg (90982 bytes) Figure 3b enlarged

13.jpg (62190 bytes) More Tonearm and Pickup

14.jpg (23788 bytes) Figure 4

15.jpg (30437 bytes) Cartridge Connection

16.jpg (35646 bytes) Figure 5

17.jpg (46219 bytes) Stylus Force Adjustment

18.jpg (42892 bytes) Anti-skate Adjustment

19.jpg (55607 bytes) More Anti-skate

20.jpg (38053 bytes) AC Line and Amplifier Connections

22.jpg (64690 bytes) Figures 6 and 7

23.jpg (40675 bytes) Connection to Amplifier

24.jpg (42861 bytes) Maintenance

25.jpg (47782 bytes) Motor / Suspension

26.jpg (31659 bytes) Warranty

27.jpg (52956 bytes) More Warranty

BackCover.jpg (41650 bytes) Back Cover