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Teres R1

In the spirit of the original Teres kit, I finally got around to making my own plinth.

The build method employs constrained layer damping in the form of stacked layer baltic birch ply. 1/2 inch sheets glued one on top of the other. The height dimension is the same as the traditional teardrop Teres (100 - 200 series) plinth at 2.5 inches.  Finish coating is acrylic lacquer.  Several coats wet-sanded between.  The armboard is constructed of solid purpleheart.  Cone feet are from DH Golden Sound.... made from their proprietary ceramic formula.  The tonearm is a Graham 2.2.  The cartridge is an Ortofon Jubilee.  The tonearm cable is from Garth Phillipe of Incognito and was custom made for me by Garth using silver wire.  The platform is from Ken Lyon and is his famous Neuance shelf.  And of course the platter, bearing, motor pod with controller is from Chris Brady at Teres Audio.

DSC_4742.JPG (121860 bytes) DSC_4744.JPG (120354 bytes) DSC_4748.JPG (96396 bytes) DSC_4759.JPG (137251 bytes) DSC_4760.JPG (149285 bytes) DSC_4807.JPG (87223 bytes) DSC_5019.JPG (176081 bytes)

Construction details:

DSC_5513.jpg (100005 bytes) Assembled, less the platter, bearing, tonearm, optical sensor.

DSC_5514.jpg (141541 bytes) Two piece plinth design.  An upper piece (banjo) and a lower piece (tri-pod) fastened together by 3 brass 1/4-inch furniture screws.

DSC_5515.jpg (108864 bytes)  With the armboard removed.  The armboard is held in place by a shoulder bolt.  Thread size: 1/4-20.  There is a brass 1/4 - 20 thread insert installed to the plinth banjo piece.  Grip length of the shoulder bolt: 2.00 inches. 

Another armboard:

DSC_5569.jpg (60103 bytes) DSC_5571.jpg (105988 bytes) DSC_5572.jpg (131801 bytes) DSC_5573.jpg (151359 bytes)

I liked the sound of the Purpleheart in this setup, so I used the hardwood again, but in a slightly different 'one piece' style.  The armboard is a 'blank'.  That is, it is finished except for the mounting hole (or holes) to fit the tonearm that the new owner of this R1 plinth will use.  There is a 1/8 inch pilot hole installed to assist the machinist locating the new drilled hole.