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The Thorens Dept.

Detailed Info pages for various models of Thorens turntables:

Reader's Note: This is a long page. Continue scrolling down to see everything

Thorens Data Pages:

Thorens production data various models and dates of production.

Thorens Tonearm vital dimensions, various models


 The Hood: An Acrylic Dustcover for the Thorens TD124 -- available now.  Link to info page 


Swiss Precision: 3rd Edition is now available ( Link to more info )

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Thorens history   

A corporate history of the company is found within the archives at the old production facility in Lahr.  This and other documents become the basis for a new page here at The Analog Dept.

Above image: a Thorens Rumpelmesskoppler (rumble measuring coupler)

  The Thorens Gallery For lots of gallery photos of the various Thorens models 


TD124 Dept (click on link to go there)

Notes on the TD124; a practical guide/overview

Project sn 13943 A TD124 restoration that deviates from the sacred path a little

Project sn 2078: A complete refurbishment

Project sn 2128: A complete refurbishment

Project sn 2729: An introduction to and refurbishment of my first TD124

Project sn 7888: (in the works)

Taking a detailed look at the 'non-magnetic' platter for the TD124

Checking the iron platter of the Td124 for magnetic attraction to various cartridges, and how to deal with it

A detailed view of the wire-up to the voltage commutator of the TD124 (mk1)

Technical drawings

Owners and service manuals for the Td124

Papst replacement motor service bulletins

Installing and listening to the Papst motor in the Td124

Useful Links

tdw224_1.jpg (56459 bytes) TD224 Changer.... Yes Thorens did make a record changer.  Like a robot, See the movie..!

Thorens TD 125

General Information

Sales brochures from the era

Ron Will's TD125 in pieces and then back together again

A photo essay of the internals of the TD125 (mk1) by Bushman

Tweaking the Td125 and TD126 by Rolf Kelch

Thorens TD125 mkII circuit board photos and parts list

Suspension tuning by Tim Bailey

useful links

Thorens TD126

General Information (in progress)

Site owner get's a TD126 mkIII (let's take a look)

Tweaking the Td125 and TD126 by Rolf Kelch

Thorens TD150 Dept

Manuals and assembly drawings

Detail photos of a TP13a tonearm and a TD150 MK II turntable

Looking inside the TD150 mkII

Restoration / transformation projects for sn79209 and sn34259 (the R7 mods)

Suspension tuning by Tim Bailey

the "What Not to Do" dept

Thorens TD 160 Dept.  

user / service manuals

Supplimentary sheet for the TP62 (arm wand)

Repairing a TD160 motor

Suspension tuning by Tim Bailey

More suspension tuning notes by the webmaster

Thorens spare part numbers

Thorens Tweaks (trying out the Chadwick mods) or turning my TD160 into a 'Super'

Tweaking a TD160 by Rolf Kelch

TD160 mk1 and mk2 detail inside the box photos

Repairing a TP16 (mk 1) with bent arm tube. (detailed disassembly photos)

TD160 ad brochures

Thorens Spare Part Numbers The official factory list from just before the bankruptcy.

TD2001_1dwg.jpg (164285 bytes)Thorens factory product technical drawings

FrontCover.jpg (59745 bytes) Thorens user manuals and factory service manuals. Online, Downloadable and Free.  Power to the people.

TD226bro_1.jpg (150272 bytes)  Vintage Thorens product brochures


Q-up_1.jpg (83221 bytes) Q-up_2.jpg (102874 bytes) Package from an original Thorens Q-UP.... Now quite rare.  

This was an inexpensive add-on to provide an automatic arm-lift at end of play for manual players.

Rolf Kelch Electronics  Rolf knows Thorens

 Restoring a Thorens Reference mk1 By Rolf Kelch

 Restoring a Thorens Prestige By Rolf Kelch

Thorens Tuners:

Ready.jpg (33237 bytes)Thorens made more than just turntables.  Here is a tuner they made in the mid sixties.


3-In-One SAE 20 Electric Motor Oil.  Recommended for Thorens here at The Analog Dept.

Available at your local hardware store.

Not to be confused with regular 3-In-One oil which is a much thinner viscosity lubrication.


Tweaking your Thorens:

RK13.jpg (82677 bytes) Tweaking the TD125 -126 ala Rolf Kelch

Tweaking a TD150 with the R7 mods

RK160II_004.jpg (41841 bytes)Tweaking a TD160 ala Rolf Kelch

Tweaking a TD160, an interpretation of the Chadwick Mods... 

Rewiring a TP16mkII with silver wire.

Bushman's TD166 "Ambiance" taking it well beyond the next level.

tp60tp13_1.JPG (17992 bytes) Here's a NO-NO 

Detail pictures inside the box:

top_v_no_platter.jpg (92619 bytes) TD124

TD125 MK I, Description

TD-145 MK I,  an inside-the-box photo of an "automated TD160", the TD145.

Looking inside the TD150 MK II. Photos contributed by Dave Roberts with a link to a more detailed description of the TD150 that Dave refurbished.

TD-160 MK I in detail with interior photos

TD-160 MK II in detail with interior photos

DSC_5576.jpg (217955 bytes) Various Detail Photos of a TP16 MK I

TD-166 BC in detail with interior photos

166sbpltrweb.jpg (60042 bytes) TD Platter Bearings Some photo documentation of the many variations to be found.

Thorens TD160 head shell kit as used on the MK I TP16 arm equipped with TP60 plug-in magnesium headshell.  The clear plastic jig is provided to set  mounting distance of the stylus in combination with the plastic shim pads shown (and thus VTA), Azimuth, and Overhang.  The overhang setting will be 14mm with this jig.  


Maintenance and upkeep pages:

Setting Up My First TD160  Some tips for those beginning the journey. 

2pt_1.GIF (90061 bytes) Tonearm Cartridge Alignment FAQ an illustrated definition of terms

TD160section_1 copy.jpg (57055 bytes) Suspension Tuning  by Tim Bailey

  Suspension Tuning by Steve Clarke


  Finding a proper replacement belt some notes and guidelines


TP16 MK I Tonearm maintenance and adjustment to the cueing mechanism. Installing RCA interconnect jacks.  Lot's of photos.

motor_1web.jpg (42987 bytes)TD160 drive pulleys  looking at the disassembled parts.

   Thorens Photo Gallery. Various photos sent in from Thorens owners around the globe. From the everyday models to the rare and highly prized.  The entire spectrum.



Vintage magazine articles and test reports:

Three Reviews from Hi-Fi Choice circa 1989.  A TD320 Mk II, TD160S Mk II and a TD166 MkII.

Thorens review articles from British audio mag. "Hi-Fi Answers". 

The Thorens TP14 is NOT an EMT929.  See link below for the full story. Link

Thorens Articles and books:

http://www.stefanopasini.it/images/Thor1215.pdf an informative Thorens history article by Stefano Pasini. (highly recommended)

Thorens Links:

Swiss Precision: 3rd Edition is now available


Joachim Bung: Swiss Precision

The New 2019 Comprehensive Edition

Two Volumes in Slipcase

Link to info page and how to buy

http://www.audiosilente.com/  Located in Rome, Italy, site owner, designer, machinist Simone Lucchetti maintains a stock of useful and necessary replacement parts for the Thorens TD124 and also the belt drive models.  Worth a look and well worth making contact with Simone.!  

https://www.hanzehifi.nl/merken-bezigheden/thorens-garrard/thorens  (located in The Netherlands.  Many parts you might want to use on your TD124 or other belt drive Thorens model.

http://www.analogue-classics.com/ English language site with info on TD124, TD150 and SME 3009 tonearms

http://www.stefanopasini.it/Audio_index_Thorens.htm  a great site with a picture history of Thorens tables.

http://www.soundfountain.com/amb/td124page.html an informative and very useful page for the TD124.  There is also some information on other Thorens models which the site author rates in terms of 2nd hand value and quality.

Ferruccio Bracchi has Acrylic Dustcovers to fit the TD124 -- email:  [email protected] 


tri-motor_1a.jpg (213737 bytes)hint: click on thumbnail to view image full size.

tri-motor_2.jpg (169175 bytes)