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This portable Thorens was spotted on ebay by Brian E. 4/14/03

Here is some text from the auction display:

[this is a 1950s THORENS turntable, type "musico", the amplifier works with a telefunken ECL82 (the tube is tested strong like new) and a 6" fullrange speaker type "princeps", made in france.

16 * 33 * 45 * 78 RPM

the turntable works, but not perfect: the "take-back-function" of the tonearm is very weak, volume and basses/aigues are crackling.

the turntable is in a wooden cabinet with leather imitate. the cabinet has the measures: 16x13.2x7.2" (40x33x18cm).

the leather imitate on the cabinet shows some wear (some scratches and smaller spots), i sell this item as it is.

the THORENS "musico" has a weight of 7kg / 14 pounds,]