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One of several prototype machines developed during the time of the TD124, a Thorens Reel to Reel tape machine.

These photos are presented with the permission of Jurg Schopper, the deck's current owner. 

Link to Jurg's business website that serves Thorens : http://www.schopper.ch/


Thorens R2Rproto_2.jpg (207493 bytes) Thorens R2Rproto_3.jpg (150288 bytes)

Thorens R2Rproto_4.jpg (161500 bytes) Thorens R2Rproto_5.jpg (221225 bytes) Thorens R2Rproto_6.jpg (187013 bytes)

Thorens R2Rproto_7.jpg (207351 bytes) Thorens R2Rproto_8.jpg (203520 bytes) Thorens R2Rproto_9.jpg (365399 bytes)

For reference to this prototype machine we can refer to a book by Joachim Bung; Swiss Precision 2nd ed. 

ISBN 978-3-00-021162-1

In the book on page 86 it is explained how this extremely rare machine turned up in a former employee's private museum of Thorens rarities.  But to learn that story one needs to read the book. here's a link to order your copy and also there is an upcoming 3rd edition.  Link: 

Now Available (click on link for more info)