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date: 10/20/2003

Rolf's Comments:

"A very interesting table came to me this afternoon. The customer came over 600 Km to bring it to my workshop.  It is a Reference I - serial number 22. It was found in a cellar, not having been touched over the last 12 years. The customer did not clean the table, so it comes to me with all its patina. It looks a little like a classic car saved from a automobile graveyard. The Reference has "Limited Edition SME 3012" - gold version!"

1)REF01~1.jpg (40598 bytes) click on thumbnails to view full sized image


3)REF03~1.jpg (51507 bytes) 4)REF04~1.jpg (79820 bytes) 5)REF07~1.gif (102547 bytes) 6)REF09~1.jpg (52372 bytes)

7)REF21~1.jpg (84793 bytes) 8)REF12~1.jpg (39900 bytes) 9)REF24~1.jpg (21293 bytes) 10)REF25~1.jpg (36766 bytes)


After twelve years in the cellar's atmosphere.......

12)REF05~1.jpg (44814 bytes) 13)REF15~1.jpg (58381 bytes) An SME 3009 Series III

14)REF06~1.jpg (31361 bytes) A TP16/TP63..!




16)REF31~1.jpg (43361 bytes)      17)REF20~1.jpg (63324 bytes)

18)REF16~1.jpg (33720 bytes) scars

19)REF17~1.jpg (14807 bytes) scars.........and.......20) REF18~1.jpg (17089 bytes) more scars


21)REF26~1.jpg (27079 bytes) 22)REF27~1.jpg (35547 bytes) 23)REF33~1.jpg (39306 bytes)


25)REF28~1.jpg (32375 bytes)


27)REF30~1.jpg (32453 bytes)

28)REF34~1.jpg (35208 bytes) 29)REF35~1.jpg (33648 bytes) 30)REF36~1.jpg (48189 bytes)

"This evening I changed the bearing oil and I started the table. It runs, a

little low in speed but just adjustable. The motor pulley was bad, some little

noise...so I looked in stock for exchange - and I found these parts."  31)REF37~1.jpg (37201 bytes)  "Returning

to the table, I saw him dying. Total collapse of the power supply. One of the two main capacitors was shorted, so I replaced both."

 32)REF38~1.jpg (20828 bytes) 33)REF39~1.jpg (17618 bytes) 34)REF40~1.jpg (30055 bytes) 35)REF41~1.jpg (31727 bytes)

"The table runs again, I also replaced the pulley clutch, see pictures

Tomorrow I will look after the 3 phase motor drive, to normalize speed deviation. The bearing is absolutely perfect."

36)REF13~1.jpg (61054 bytes) "If You turn it by hand to speed, it turns for a cigarette length."