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Thorens TD-320 and SME IV tonearm.

My main endeavor as a born again analog addict over the last year or so has been the resurrection and incremental tweaking and tuning of my Thorens TD-320 turntable which I had bought when I was a teenager way back in the mid-80s.

The following structural tuning measures (in chronological order) were applied to the pictured Thorens TT:

1. Addition of the "big" external power transformer TPN 2000.

2. Replacing the original Thorens turntable mat with a custom acrylic mat.

3. Damping of outer platter with self-adhesive band of felt cut to fit the length and width of the rim of the outer platter.

4. A whole bunch of custom modifications done by Mr Kelch of Thorens Electronic Lahr  http://www.thorenselectronic-net.via.t-online.de (note: All Thorens fans will enjoy this link...editor)

(The above link is in German. I managed a fairly clean translation to English with help from http://babelfish.altavista.com/babelfish/tr  ...editor)

which included:

4.1 "Core" tuning measures:

a. replacement of the suspended chassis by a new two-part sub-chassis with exchangeable tonearm base.

b. new SME tonearm base "insert" for the new sub-chassis

c. new Widia platter bearing


4.2 "Additional" tuning measures:

a. new RDC (resonance dampening component) base plate with bitumen damping

b. new adapter plate (the component between the original plinth and the base plate) for the mounting of the base plate

c. new Isotrack inner platter with internal RDC-damping.

d. three spikes which came together with the base plate

5. SME IV tonearm and Ortofon Rohmann cartridge

I bought the SME IV tonearm from fellow analog enthusiast Hartmut Quaschik from Munich who also helped me with the mounting of the tonearm and the whole set up procedure. His contribution has been instrumental in bringing me back into the analog fold and he has always been very generous in letting me tap into his accumulated wealth of analog wisdom whenever I needed to.

I bought the Rohmann second hand. Bernhard Kistner has shared some of his experience with this cart / tonearm combination with me. Thanks a lot for all of this, Bernhard.

I might add that last time I spoke to Rolf Kelch of Thorens Electronic (now Rolf Kelch Electronic) in Lahr he told me that he had applied some of the tuning mods to quite a number of 3xx and 5xx turntables according to customers' specifications ever since. My "prototype" TD320 in this respect shows the totality of applicable custom tuning measures.

Let me thank all of the analog enthusiasts who have helped me along, in particular I would like to mention the members of the German "Vinyl Lebt" newsgroup, who have been a great source of knowledge and encouragement.

Okay, I think that's it.

Cheers and best wishes,