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troporobo's 80% solution

dblacylflexy.jpg (109733 bytes)

troporobo's 80% solution: I'm aiming to have an all-DIY system, and figure this is about 80% of the way there by value and component count


1) Oracle Delphi Mk II, SME III, Shure V15VxMR

2) Dual CS-505/4 with Ortofon OM-10

Phono Stages:

1) Hagerman Cornet with Auricap upgrade

2) Musical Fidelity X-LPS

Amplifier: 300B monoblocks, based on DIY HiFiSupply LadyDay+, with grid choke, MU conversion, AN caps, and all silver point to point wiring

Preamplifier: Basie from DIY HiFiSupply with MM phono, remote control DACT from Bent Audio, Jupiter beeswax caps, all silver point to point wiring

Speakers: DIY Fostex back loaded horns, based on BK16, with FF165K drivers and FT96H supertweeter in custom top cabinet

CD Player/DAC: Musical Fidelity A3.2CD

Speaker Cables: DIY Cat5 braided speaker cables with Ultralink Pro termination

Interconnects: DIY fine silver interconnects with Eichmann bullet RCAs

Rack: DIY Acrylic/stainless steel Flexy double rack

Record cleaning: VPI 16.5 record cleaner

Acoustic Treatments: Two 18" x 7' bass traps (compressed fiberglass), Ten 8' x 40' wall panels (compressed fiberglass)