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Hagerman Trumpet Classic - MM Vacuum Tube Phono Preamp SOLD

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Here is some mfr info on this unit:


The Trumpet phono preamp is a reference quality unit for the most demanding of audiophiles. It's main features are fully balanced operation and switchable polarity. Housed in a single chassis, the power supply is mounted well below the amplifier (about the same height as separate stacked boxes). Eight hand-matched vacuum tubes complement the nearly dual-mono construction of the amplifiers.

The Trumpet implements a number of unusual circuit topologies and tricks to improve performance (way too many to list here). The highlights include bipolar high voltage power supplies that are fully choke regulated (continuous current), choke regulated dc heater supply, class A differential long-tailed gain pairs, current source loaded cathode follower outputs, passive shunt power supply regulation, split RC equalization, and no feedback anywhere. Frequency response is tremendous, flat from 5Hz out past 250kHz. Distortion is exceptionally low at 0.03%.

Premium components are used throughout. Gold-plated connectors, sockets, and switches, audiophile-grade polypropylene coupling capacitors, metal-film resistors, soft-recovery diodes, film bypass capacitors, high-grade 0.063" thick aluminum sheet metal, and thick computer-engraved aluminum faceplates.

The chassis is a marvel of anti-vibration architecture. Circuit boards are freely hung like suspension bridges from solid support towers. Sorbothane feet provide isolation from the mounting surface. The tower design benefits from an inherent chimney effect for enhanced convection cooling and increased airflow past the tubes. The sheet metal chassis forms a complete electric field shield around the electronics (with the exception of the exposed tube plates) with careful attention paid to internal shielding and grounding.

end quote


44dB gain (1kHz)
47k ohm input impedance
800 ohm output impedance
+/-0.5dB equalization (20Hz to 20kHz)
5Hz to 250kHz bandwidth (-3dB)
<0.03% distortion (1kHz)
82dBA signal-to-noise (ref 5mV)
12 x 7 x 12 inches
net weight: 17 lbs
12AX7 x 4  (Sovtek), 12AU7 x 4 (Electro-Harmonix)

Price: $1750.00 obo (SOLD)