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Need to tune the suspension on your TD160....?  Tired of balancing the table on beer cans while attempting to get the bounce properties just so...?  Here's a simple plan for a jig to put up on the work bench....or kitchen table to do your best ever suspension adjust.

TTfix_1web.jpg (44200 bytes) TTfix_1aweb.jpg (73800 bytes) dbl. click on thumbnail to view full size pic.

Material is 3/4 mdf left over from some TT shelf projects.  Method of assembly is "glue and screw".  Should have photos of the real thing in a couple of days.

TTfix_1bweb.jpg (99761 bytes) TTfix_1cweb.jpg (70242 bytes)

TTfix_1dweb.jpg (98465 bytes)

3D geometry created and rendered in Rhino. 


Now for the thing I made out in the garage:

Thorens_jig_1.jpg (66835 bytes)

Thorens_jig_3.jpg (77324 bytes)


Above 2 photos: "action shots"