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TD150 Mk II: Part 1 Receiving Inspection

Table came less bottom plate, less tonearm and less armboard.  That's ok.  I want to change those ite       ms anyway...:-)

Serialtag_1.jpg (49142 bytes) Serial tag

Bearing_1.jpg (67790 bytes)

Bearing_2.jpg (50748 bytes)

When spending my own money on a used turntable, I want to know about the condition of the platter bearing. The photos don't do this spindle shaft justice.  The part is nearly mint showing only slight evidence of wear at the upper bushing area.  This is normal.  It is where the driving force occurs and also where the bearing is likely to have the least amount of lube. 

Bearing_6.jpg (26285 bytes)

Bearing housing looks the same as that used on the TD160 and TD125 Mk II.  But those tables didn't get the captive ball tip in the spindle shaft.

Indicator_test_1.jpg (91158 bytes) Using a dial indicator to test bearing clearance by tapping vertically on the opposite face of the subplatter.  Reading was less than .0005 inches.  Also checked face run-out by spinning subplatter.  Reading was .0015 inches. Note: bearing was dry for this test.

Indicator_test_2.jpg (70244 bytes) Dial indicator test for bearing clearance by tapping horizontally on subplatter opposite the indicator.  Reading was less than .0005 inches.  Also checked circular run-out.  Reading was .0015 inches. Note bearing was dry for this test.


pulley_1.jpg (25165 bytes)

Another critical area is the motor, shaft and pulley. 

Run the motor.  Probe next to the motor at the motor plate.  Listen.  Very quiet, thank you.  Just a light whirr.  Not audible without the stethoscope. Move the probe further away from the motor and listen again.   Nothing.  Good.

plattercast.jpg (46758 bytes) platterouterunder.jpg (48529 bytes) 45adapt.jpg (42939 bytes)

Receiving_1.jpg (83166 bytes) Receiving_2.jpg (57518 bytes) Receiving_3.jpg (56589 bytes)

Receiving_4.jpg (35796 bytes) Receiving_5.jpg (34797 bytes) cabinetback.jpg (40840 bytes)

Receiving_14.jpg (79887 bytes) Receiving_6.jpg (59442 bytes)

Receiving_7.jpg (58193 bytes) Receiving_13.jpg (47843 bytes)

Receiving_11.jpg (41720 bytes) Receiving_8a.jpg (46525 bytes) Receiving_9.jpg (71726 bytes) Receiving_10.jpg (50647 bytes)


Receiving_12.jpg (67957 bytes) Receiving_15.jpg (73008 bytes) Receiving_16.jpg (79931 bytes)

No heavy damage evident anywhere. No dings, dents or scratches in the platters.  Light scuffing on the top facia.  Some apparent scuffing and chipping around the edges of the veneer cabinet.  Bearing looks really good and shows very little wear for its 30 plus years.  Motor runs quiet and the drive pulley spins true.

Seems like a good one to me.  On to disassembly and clean up and more detail inspection.