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back to the TD150 dept.

TD150 Tweaking

Now begins the journey with this TD150 Mk II.  The agenda is as follows:

Step 1


  1. Receiving inspection
  2. disassembly and detailed inspection
  3. cleaning and repairs
  4. fabricate new armboard
  5. assembly with no modifications, adjustment

Step 2

Play and listen

  1. Play the table for a time with no modifications
  2. Compare the table to the modified TD160
  3. Compare the table to the Teres

Step 3

Begin a systematic modification program

  1. Maintain original suspended layout but with significant upgrades
  2. armboard experimentation (different materials)
  3. power supply experimentation (does the motor run smoother at 80 vac than 110 vac...?
  4. redesign the plinth for greater rigidity and damping
  5. redesign subchassis frame for greater rigidity and damping

Step 4

Listen to some records.


Step 1: Receiving

Receiving_1a.jpg (78459 bytes) The process begins

150frame_1.jpg (46869 bytes) Looking at the TD150 subchassis frame.  Some notes and comparisons to its successor, the TD160.

 150innerplat.jpg (87341 bytes) Testing the subchassis for deflection under load.  Then comparing to the TD160 subchassis by the same method.

sbfm_r2bweb.gif (24172 bytes) Some ideas for a more rigid subchassis frame.

3_springheights_1.jpg (75621 bytes) Looking at the TD150 suspension......and what to do about it.

 Clean-up and prep

Step 2: Play and listen before the upgrades

150_longshot.jpg (34463 bytes) Early listening impressions

Step 3: Making the modifications

R2perspective.jpg (60626 bytes) analizing the new subchassis frame

sbfm_R3b_web.GIF (32314 bytes)Spring issues

Spring Alternatives...? something significant is discovered...!

Project 34259.  A mk 1 TD150 in for a full make-over while keeping the mechanicals stock


150plnth2e.gif (94870 bytes) New plinth ideas R2

150skel_3.jpg (71794 bytes) Skeleton Plinth R3    J.J. Jimmink builds the R3

R4_4a.jpg (26681 bytes) R4

TD150_R5_4.jpg (58528 bytes) R5

TD150_R6_1a.jpg (43194 bytes) R6

R7 iso 6.jpg (97746 bytes) R7