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User 510's Technics SP-10 mkII

An early model SP10 mkII fitted to a custom plinth designed here at The Analog Dept.  This design is called "The Mule".  One of the design goals was to minimize the footprint area of the deck.  Another goal was to obfuscate the visual mismatch between the rather large aluminum chassis, with oversized platter, when fitted with a 9inch tonearm such as the Graham 2.2.   It should be noted that Technics designed their deck to be used with their own 10 inch tonearms.

Concept sketch for the "Mule" plinth

I have the SP10 mkII standing over a Minus-K isolation platform.  It is a rather massive pile-up.  And it is massive looking.  However the arrangement does in fact improve the audible performance of this player while in my listening room. 

The 18 x 18 x 3 inch granite machinists' plate is there to add balast over the Minus-K.  100 lbs just for the plate! For this deck a smaller Minus-K might have been chosen, but..... I also have a massive slate plinth for use with a TD124 that also can be used over this Minus-K.  With the larger capacity unit, I can accommodate the needs of any lighter turntable simply by including the right amount of balast in the stack-up.

Also within the stack is a Neuance platform from Ken Lyon's Greater Ranges.  This shelf interacts with the 'original stillpoint footers' of the Mule Plinth.

link to my notes on the Minus-K

Yes, it does not touch.

DSC_0730.jpg (294342 bytes) from the listening chair.

Later, I tried another platter mat: the Boston Audio Mat 2.

I wrote a review of the Mat 2 while in this SP10 mkII.  Hopefully this review will be of some use to others considering another mat for their SP10 mkII.  Link here:

DSC_1011.jpg (246353 bytes) 9/12/2014.....Parked on the component rack over a Neuance shelf.  Works fine here too.

This SP10 mkII has been, and will be, a long term project for me. To view details of the project see link below.

Link to user510 SP10mkII project page

DSC_1235.jpg (320688 bytes) 6_10_2015 still playin'

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