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Uwe's system page

Uwe TSD15_3rs.jpg (250392 bytes) hint: click on thumbnail image to view full size.

Above: modified (by Uwe) EMT TSD moving coil cartridge to fit a Schroeder CB tonearm.

Uwe's comments on the above turntable: "....this is a picture of my turntable.  It is selfmade except for the bearing and platter (these were sourced from TW Acoustic). It weighs 80 kg.  The schick arm is used for mono only and it is equipped with a Denon DL-102 with a wooden body."

The tonearm to the right is a Schroeder CB.


left: previous incarnation, modified EMT TSD to fit Schroeder CB tonearm.

uwe record cleaner_1rs.jpg (274172 bytes) uwe record cleaner_2rs.jpg (289847 bytes)

above: ultrasonic record cleaner with filter