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webmaster's dvd / blu-ray collection

DSC_0988.jpg (308634 bytes)

DSC_0989.jpg (370078 bytes) The commercial VHS computer animation demo tapes are hold-overs from the late 1980's up to the mid 1990's.  Computer graphics and animation has long been an interest of mine. DVD collection of various rock and jazz artists.

DSC_0990.jpg (433867 bytes) Sci-Fi movies and TV series on DVD and blu-ray. Ambient blu-rays and the odd B-movie.

DSC_0991.jpg (519563 bytes) Sci-Fi collection

DSC_0992.jpg (431090 bytes) animated movies and/or live action versions of comic book and graphic novels. DVD and blu-ray

DSC_0993.jpg (314907 bytes) historical based fiction/adventure movies in chronological order (earliest historical period to the left, latest to the right)

DSC_0994.jpg (423777 bytes) non categorized dvd/blu-ray various genre's. Bottom level are DVD-R recordings of movies recorded from cable TV.  Mostly Sci-Fi.