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Volker's Thorens TD125 MK II

VMCD_td125_e.jpg (277046 bytes) VMCD_td125_d.jpg (284068 bytes) VMCD_td125_c.jpg (250423 bytes) VMCD_td125_b.jpg (329543 bytes) VMCD_td125_a.jpg (542854 bytes)

VMCD_td125_g.jpg (298910 bytes)  VMCD_td125_h.jpg (456357 bytes) VMCD_td125_i.jpg (377042 bytes)

Volker's comments:

"Detailed Set-Up includes:

Player: Thorens TD125 MkII. Reconditioned by Swissonor. Frame by Swissonor made from solid american walnut without a floor.

Tonearm: Schick 9,6 inch

Cartridge: Ortofon SPU #-1 E

Step-up transformer: Ortofon ST-7

Pre-Amp: McIntosh C22CE

Tubes: Philips E83CC SQ (phono), Brimar 6060 + Sylvania 5751 (line)

Main-Amp: McIntosh MC275CE

Tubes: Genalex KT88, RSD E83CC, Philips 12AX7WA, Westinghouse 12AZ7A

CD-Player: Cary Audio CD303

Speakers: Heco Direkt, Sensitivity 1W/m 93dB, 4-8 Ohm, 2way

Cabel: Phonosophie PH-LS1 (Speaker), Thomas Schick + Swissonor#12.0(Phono), Van den Hul (Digital), Phonosophie (Power),


Rubber Band:

Loricraft Damping Ring (choosed by myself)


Platter Mat

Cork mat by Garrad 501 (2pcs.)



Worth to look at the web-page. Urs Frei (the owner) is a real hifi enthusiast who is devoted to his work and products. And a great music lover. He helped and assisted me the whole way. His advises are only based on to give you the best sound possible. Great guy! Great tube amps too.

http://www.swissonor.ch/ "