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Review: Woodsong Audio Upper Platter, Platter Mat Adapter for the Thorens TD124

What is it? --- This device, seen on either side in the photo above, replaces the center hub on your Thorens TD124 upper platter.  We use this adapter when we want to use any platter mat -other- than the stock Thorens rubber mat.*  

It is nicely machined from 6061 Aluminum and features a clear anodized plating and then is fitted with a precision bronze bushing.  It comes with three stainless steel allen-head machine screws and requires that you use the bottom screw plate from your stock hub. 

The fit seen from above is like this:

And original clutch function of the TD124 is retained.

Next; Here's a shot of the underside utilizing the original Thorens bottom screw plate:

Just like it belongs.

And now that this is done (quite easily, I might add) you can slip on any platter mat you wish to try.

Sound quality-wise there will be a large assortment of mats out there you might like on the TD124..

Right away I tried two of my mats; first a Herbies Excellent II 3mm thick mat, 

--- then the Boston Audio Mat 2.  On my TD-124 either one of these produces an audibly quieter noise floor than does the standard rubber mat. 

The platter mat is critical to the sound quality of the TD124 and this platter mat adapter from Woodsong Audio is the perfect enabler for experimentation with alternate platter mats.  And, just as importantly, the original clutch operation of the TD124 is retained. Highly recommended!!!

How to contact Woodsong Audio:

website: https://www.woodsongaudio.com/

ebay store: https://www.ebay.com/usr/harban-shop?_trksid=p2047675.l2559





* Please note this adapter hub will not work with the standard rubber mat.