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Werner's main system.

The system in the room.

installatie8.jpg (40119 bytes) The Electronics

installatie7.jpg (43207 bytes) Gyrodec Mk V with add-on goodies

sme1_2.jpg (46927 bytes) Atmospheric SME IV picture.

gyrodec_dc_1.jpg (61015 bytes) Gyrodec Mk2 in study.

Above: Gyrodec Mk2 in study system with 'experimental DC motor'.

 Part of the - too small - collection.

update: Sept. 2005

Tabula Rasa racks to hold the gear.




main room
turntable Michell GyroDec MkV, Orbe platter, VC supply
tonearm SME IV with FDIV and soon more flexible cabling
cartridge Benz Micro MC Scheu (Shelter 501 review sample in pictures)
phonostage Trichord Dino+
CD-player Rega Planet with somewhat modified output stage, now sounding remarkably fine
linestage homebuilt opamp-based, big Trichord power supply
power amp LFD PA0
loudspeakers Quad ESL-63 on stands
cables yes
turntable Michell GyroDec MkII with experimental DC motor on subchassis
tonearm Rega RB-300 with short silver wiring
cartridge Denon DL-301, 15 years old now
CD-player Marantz CD-52SE
Digital equalizer Behringer 8024, digitally fed from the Marantz
amplifier Cyrus One
speakers Rogers LS-1
speakers (2) Quad ESL-57, temporarily decomissioned due to small defect
also ... DIY clone of Naim MC phonostage ("NoName")
also ... DIY TD1543 non-oversampling DAC, unfinished, already sounding very nice
also ... DIY 20W class A MOSFET amp, based on Hawk A18. Too weak for the ESL-63s, but fabulous with the ESL-57s.
also ... long-term projects: development of 3 different top-class phonostages, one opamp-based, the other two JFET/opamp hybrids. Presently deeply investigating voltage regulator design.
cables yes, here too