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System notes and comments by Wes:

 "......I own a Redpoint Testa Rossa XS which, with the two arm pods I usually use, weighs about 175 pounds. At Peter Clark's (http://www.redpoint-audio-design.com) suggestion, and upon his advice, I purchased a granite surface plate--which weighs 150 lbs --which sits upon the Billy Bags Pro stand--which weighs 100 lbs +. The system is dense and produces thunderous deep bass when the software actually contains it! My reference for showing off the bass response of my system (the speakers, Innersound Kayas, are flat to around 20 Hz) is Soul Coughing /El Oso--Maybe I'll Come Down. If your system can make it happen, there is THUNDEROUS bass well into the low 20Hz range!

The rest of my system consists of the following:

CAT Ultimate Mk2 preamp
Sony SCD-1 SACD/CD player
Innersound iTube amp (150wpc into ANY load, using 8 KT88s)
Synergistic Research Designer's Reference wire through-out (with active power supply)
Monster line conditioning / AC stabilizing
Ikeda 12" arm
Triplanar Ultimate tone-arm
ET-2 tone-arm
Grace 714 "Teakwood" arm
RB250 (modified) arm
Shelter 901 cart
Supex SD900 cart
Audioquest 7000 cart
Monster Sigma 2000 (ZYX!!!) cart
Decca FFSS cart
McIntosh MR71 tuner (tubed holy grail nirvana!)
Nakamichi 680 ZX tape deck (essentially the Dragon, without the auto reverse)
Studer B67 Mastering tape deck
Revox PR99 / A77 tape decks

whew. I've lost my mind...

BTW, anyone in the NY tri-state area is always welcome to come by and listen.


Wes (Bender) "

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