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Willy's Elektronika B1-01  (Circa 1976)

Editors note: This turntable is in the Thorens Gallery because of the similarity in design between it and the Thorens TD125.

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Willy's comments:

"Adjustable voltages 110 - 127 - 220 (all those voltages were found in the "eastern bloc" states)

I especially like the Soviet designed "Sci-fi" logo on the dustcover of this Elektronika, it looks like a tiny flying "Kosmonaut" returning to his Sojuz Spacecraft or some kind

of moon landing gear."

"That's my turntable, a real piece of history with excellent sound

I live in Germany and found this table at a flea market near to Berlin

around the Jelzin time when the Soviets (Red Army) left Eastern Germany.

I like the smooth operation and the nice finish of the surfaces.

The tone-arm looks just like an SME but this one is called RODINA and its made 100% in CCCP .

Its 1976 top quality "Breshnev era" cold war Soviet workmanship.

The shock absorbing subchassis-construction with softly spring loaded

cast alloy plate is just like Thorens TD125 and near to a Linn LP12.

No plastics, no fakewood, solid alloy dustcover-hinges, even the

adjustable feet under the plinth base are made of solid brass.

I think a swiss Thorens TD125 hardly can be more solid.

Best regards