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Wolfgang Loos' Garrard and Thorens gallery.

Thorens TD124 mkII

date: 6/12/2015

Above: Thorens TD124 mkII with Fidelity Research FR64s tonearm.  The cartridge is an Ortofon SPU gold.

The custom plinth is finished in Macassar Ebony.

WL_124 mkII_3.jpg (283720 bytes) 

WL_124_301.jpg (582028 bytes) side by side with the Garrard 301 below.




Garrard 301

The base is finished in  Rosewood.

Tonearm is an Ortofon 309 with lift and an SPU Meister phono cartridge.

Above: what powers the Garrard 301's source signal.  RCA MI-24

 "It's an ultra-rare studio tube amplifier by RCA.  It was used in the RCA studios to check the famous "Living-Stereo" recordings.  This amp was used only as studio equipment and was never sold on the market.  Don't ask me how it sounds!  The amp is called MI-24.  I have never seen another one of this model.  Maybe someone will see him on the site and can tell me some more about him...."  Wolfgang 

email: [email protected]