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For the Thorens TD124.  The XL Hood by Ferruccio is now available

Price: $269.00 usd  plus shipping from Switzerland

Above Photo: The XL Hood by Ferruccio fits over both plinth and turntable offering full coverage from the elements, including house-cleaners and pets!  This "XL Hood" is designed to fit over OEM base plinths and the TD124 when fitted with nine-inch tonearms.

Please note: this sale is for the XL Hood only and not the TD124, its plinth or tonearm.

This XL Hood is made from 3.5mm thick clear acrylic with excellent optical clarity and features rounded corners to compliment the curviness of the TD124 chassis.

The next two illustrations describe the dimensions of fit:  (

FH_OEM_EUR edits.jpg (292481 bytes) fit over an oem base with rounded corners.

FH_OEM_NA edits.jpg (291042 bytes) fit over an oem base with square corners.

Pay attention to your plinth outer dimensions to be certain that this hood will fit. It is the 'internal' dimensions of the Hood we are concerned with. 

here they are:

Length (left to right): 17-7/8"

Depth:(front to rear): 15"

Height:(from bottom edge to the internal ceiling): 8-1/2"


To purchase make email contact with Ferruccio at: [email protected]  Be certain to mention that you read about this offer here at The Analog Dept.  Then you can get the price reduction as advertised.  And by the way, this offer is only available here at The Analog Dept.


More photos of the XL Hood:

c_xldustcover_2_edits.jpg (249320 bytes) DSC_2861.jpg (459112 bytes) DSC_2864.jpg (399337 bytes) hint: click on thumbnail to view image full size.

Thanks for reading

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