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Jorge Cintron, AKA YOYO

System notes:

 Analog Source ( which I listen to 90% of the time:

Well Tempered Turntable, tweeked with dynamat under the platter and arm base.

A Well Tempered Arm, self upgraded to graphite arm tube with Cardas cable ( 3ft.) and Bullet plugs.

The cartridge is a Sumiko SHo, high output MC with a Vanden Hull Type I stylus.

The table sits on a Signal Guard Isolation base, which made an improvement to the bass reproduction.

Phono preamplifier is a DACT CT100 with a 18volts DC battery power supply. Adjustable for carts with outputs between .1 milivolts or more.

Digital Source:

TEAC VRDS T-1 compact disc transport.

Monarchy Audio 22A dual 20 bit digital to analog converter. Modified with a beefier power supply in the output stage.


Adyton Opera Class A integrated amplifier. Rated at 60watts @8ohms / 120 at 4ohms, 45 amperes. These were made by the same factory and design as the FORSELL STATEMENT amplifier.


Audio Physic Tempo I. These speakers were voiced by the manufacturer using the same amplification I have, Audio Physic used to be Adyton´s distributor in Germany.


Supra Cables EFF-I interconnects from phono stage and DAC to amplifier.

Cardas 33ga. from cartridge to phono stage.

Supra Cables Trico Digital from CD transport to DAC.

Supra Cables SWORD reference speaker cable.

Supra Cables LoRad power cables w/ Furutech IEC and power connectors.


Furutech PRO-168 power distributor unit.

Furutech Rodium Plated electrical outlet, 15amp.

Cardas Copper Jumpers at the speaker´s binding posts.

Best regards,

Yoyo ( Puerto Rico