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Zeta Notes:

Looking at the Zeta counterweight.  There is more to it than what shows from the outside.  This is one of those counterweights where it can lock and unlock from its position on the stub shaft of the tonearm back of the pivot.  To unlock it, simply rotate the counterweight 1/4 turn.  Reverse to lock.  The photos below show the machined parts which allow this function.

DSC_0826.jpg (173503 bytes)

DSC_0827.jpg (187821 bytes) DSC_0828.jpg (224421 bytes)

DSC_0830.jpg (319147 bytes) DSC_0831.jpg (327362 bytes)

DSC_0832.jpg (325136 bytes) DSC_0834.jpg (319082 bytes) 152.4 grams (complete assembly)

DSC_0835.jpg (199041 bytes)