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Garrard models 301 and 401


left: a one-off 'modified' Garrard 301 by Shindo Labs.  The 15 inch diameter platter was developed to hear the effects of an increased moment of inertia on their Garrard players.

SME Acquires the Garrard Brand Name, May 2018

Ken Shindo passes in the Winter of 2014

Garrardzilla (the ultimate 301?)

Project article: No. 6435  Link

TwoGoodEars (Italy)

 RoKa401_3.JPG (121801 bytes)Jing Atienza (PI)w

AA4.JPG (23713 bytes) Bill's Garrards (USA)

MB401_1.JPG (114697 bytes) Mike Burke (UK)

1 Garrard_301_Plinth_Koa 2.jpg (443610 bytes) Fred Chow's Garrard 301 and 401 collection  (HK)

foto 021.jpg (197275 bytes) Giovanni Cimbalo's Garrard 401 (Italy)

XC301_1.jpg (88142 bytes)X. Cortes's 301 (Mexico)

BC401.jpg (75870 bytes) Brian Clark's 401 ( UK )

Don's 301 (USA)

Eli (Israel)

PF 401 in black.jpg (267586 bytes) Peter F.........Garrard  401 (Australia)

JB_301_1.jpg (366298 bytes)Jason's Garrard 301 (Canada)

JJ_023.jpg (279279 bytes) Jeremy Justice's 401 (USA)

cc401_1010346.jpg (89134 bytes) Craig Cox's 401 (UK)

Oak.jpg (330010 bytes) Norvald Dahl (Norway)

gkta 401_1.jpg (189024 bytes) Galacticka's 401 (France)

DG_401s2.JPG (81135 bytes) D_Gortner's Garrard 401 (New Zealand)

TG_OMA_301.JPG (122803 bytes) Tim Gurney's 301 (France)

JDs' 301 Grease Bearing project (USA)

LD_401_1.jpg (69105 bytes) Lawton Deane's Garrard 401(USA)

re0648.jpg (141917 bytes) R. Eugenio's 401 and 301re0198.jpg (120721 bytes)(PI)

Farsch_401.jpg (41315 bytes) Rene F's 401(Germany)

jg301_2.jpg (38165 bytes) J.Giesting's Garrard 301 (USA)

MH_Garrard 401_1.jpg (96912 bytes) M_Hellner's Garrard 401 (Sweden)

NH_301_2.jpg (49798 bytes) Neil Hollow's 301 (Ireland)

11_27_21.jpg (44085 bytes) Andre Hanekom's Garrard 301 - 401collection (SA)

inconnu_w.jpg (113147 bytes) Anthony Hind's Garrard 301 (France)

Brian Kearn's 301 (Ireland)

JK_301_3.jpg (42682 bytes) John Koning's 301 (Netherlands)

401_twisted_green.jpg (220600 bytes) Mark Letherland's Garrard 401 ( UK ) and Garrard 301ML301_1.jpg (237168 bytes)

JLGarrard301.JPG (268769 bytes)Jurgen Loos' Garrard 301 (Switzerland)

WL301_1.jpg (74116 bytes) Wolfgang Loos' Garrard 301 (Germany)

ACna_4.jpg (80621 bytes) AC Naylor's Garrard 301 (UK)

IMG_1713edits.jpg (351414 bytes) Alex Nepomyaschy's Garrard 401 (BG)

JNslate - 01194.jpg (254456 bytes) J. Noble's 401 (South Africa)

image001.jpg (96699 bytes) Pitak's Garrard 401 (Thailand)

IMG_5578.jpg (170128 bytes) Cenk Ozdil's Garrard 401 (Turkey)

PD_75R8504.jpg (151895 bytes) Pigdog's 301 (PI)

  Pitak's 301 (Thailand)

TP_401.jpg (203476 bytes) T_Pogue's 401 (USA)

EQ301a.jpg (55883 bytes) Ed Quintens' Garrard 301 (Belgium)

Garrard301_05.JPG (74923 bytes) Shinji T's 301and 401(Japan)

turntable.jpg (83505 bytes) Simon's 301 (UK)

DT's 401 (USA)

PW301_401_132.jpg (346884 bytes) Paul Woodger's Garrard 401 (Scotland)


Plinth cut-out template:

301 template in inches (dxf file) 

 Instructions for Windows/Firefox users:  

Right click on link/

choose "save link as"

browse to folder on your hard drive to save the file in.

 a dwg, dxf viewer(for AutoCAD) will be needed)  here's a link to a free viewer.

301template_1.jpg (160646 bytes) 301 template jpg. (inches) (no viewer application needed, just your browser or image editor.

note: this jpg file is drawn to illustrate internal contours for a plinth building scheme. 


"Design Of Transcrption Turntables", by E.W. Mortimer (Garrard Engineering Ltd.)


Above articles in .jpg image format.  click thumbnail to view image full size.

Service Department Bulletin From Plessey-Garrard 1975

service_department_bulletin_1.jpg (677957 bytes) service_department_bulletin_2.jpg (725471 bytes) service_department_bulletin_3.jpg (448845 bytes)

Above articles in .jpg image format.  click thumbnail to view image full size.

Garrardzilla Rises (A very potent 301)

Diy'ing A Time Machine, J. Noble

No. 6435. James Donahue

Shindo_0418w.jpg (64540 bytes) Shindo Visit (B.Kearn visits Mr. Shindo in his workshop in Tokyo)

Stefano Bertoncello compares his Shindo equipped Garrard 301 to his EMT 930st (short article)


misc photos, Garrard related

10970630.ces_garrard.JPG (179895 bytes)

401BBC.jpg (41407 bytes) BBC401_2.jpg (24415 bytes) BBC401_3.jpg (26094 bytes) BBC401_4.jpg (23597 bytes)


TypeA.jpg (15742 bytes) type A changer

A70MKII600.jpg (12763 bytes)type A70